Happy 119th anniversary to the ice cream sundae!

Happy 119th anniversary to the ice cream sundae!

I love ice cream and it’s probably one of my favorite desserts. I grew up eating Blue Bell Ice Cream (taking a lactose intolerance pill before of course) and when I was younger, I thought that everybody got to enjoy this brand of ice cream. Well, apparently not – I guess people in other parts of the U.S. are missing out. I wonder if Blue Bunny is good? Ice cream brings me back to my childhood days when things were simpler. Sometimes, I wish that I could rewind back and enjoy my childhood again. This is what happens when I look at old photos – sorry for being all sappy/sentimental. By the way, if you are in Texas and haven’t taken a tour of the Blue Bell ice cream factory in Brenham, you should. Even though there are various forms and alternatives to ice cream like yogurt, dippin’ dots, and gelato, I think that I would still prefer ice cream (although I’m starting to eat more yogurt because it’s a little healthier).

The next two weeks will be pretty busy filled with birthdays, a wedding, and moving again. Here we go….oh, and Congratulations to my sister and her fiancé on their upcoming wedding 🙂

Academy of Country Music Awards tonight and the championship game for the NCAA Final Four is Monday night!


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