Hello all,

I’m still trying to decide between using WordPress vs Tumblr. I don’t update these blogs that much because I never know if I have much to write here. Currently, I’m working and bumming around a lot…re-watching various TV shows like Gilmore Girls and How I Met Your Mother. I still like the first two seasons of How I Met Your Mother the best.

Anyway, I wrote a post for Hypebot about how the web is becoming increasingly personalized with suggestions from friends. I wanted to see how people discovered new music. View post at this link: Discover New Music

I’m excited to use the iCloud once it’s released this Fall. Apple is definitely trying to assert its dominant position in the music industry.

In other news, I got my root canal done and I’m waiting to get a crown on it this Thursday. It hurt, but not as much as taking out my wisdom teeth which is good.

It seems like this year has been full of crazy weather. So many tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. The weather has been extremely hot lately and there are random thunderstorms. I’m hoping that the hurricane season this year isn’t too bad….

Currently listening to:

Parachute’s new album: The Way It Was

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall – Coldplay

Deer In the Headlights – Owl City

Just a Kiss – Lady Antebellum

Someone Like You – The Summer Set

Amen – Edens Edge

Nice Guys – Chester See, Kevjumba, Ryan Higa <—They are kinda like the guys from The Lonely Island. There are three different youtube videos of this song. Here’s one of them:


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